Welcome To Arzoo E-Vehicles: The New Era Of Transportation

We M/s SKS Trade India Pvt. Ltd. are  leading E-rickshaw manufacturer company in Haryana. Having a deep interest in battery-operated vehicles “E-Rickshaw, E-cart, and special battery-operated vehicles, drives us always to do something special for people to make their life as easy as possible. 

We were established in 2009, and since then constantly helping people and making transportation Easy-peasy for them. When the 3-wheeler electric auto rickshaw was launched in the Indian market the company started its commercial activities in importing and selling E-rickshaw in India. After 4 years of hard work & comprehensive research in the electric vehicle segment, the company planted its own manufacturing E-rickshaw & E-carts In Haryana. Till now it is the best E-rickshaw manufacturer in Haryana.

govt. approved E-rickshaw company-arzooevehicles.com

The 3-Wheeler electric auto rickshaws are is a new innovative form of transportation, are a great alternative to traditional rickshaws and taxis are quickly gaining in popularity.

As a govt. approved e-rickshaw company, our strength lies in our adaptability. We undergo changes as per the requirements of time and adopt new technology at a faster pace, in order to give our customers an outstanding product at cheap prices.

The reason people love 3-wheeler auto rickshaws cause they are quick, efficient, and affordable and they are quick, efficient, affordable and they emit no pollution. They can also be used for longer trips such as airport transfers or sightseeing tours and as a yatri e-rickshaw company our main aim is to always meet these criteria to satisfy the needs of our customers.

As 3-wheeler e-rickshaws are becoming popular in India, the more we become recognized as a yatri E-rickshaw company. Cause they are a cheaper more sustainable alternative to traditional rickshaws. They are also easier to operate and don’t require pedaling.

Even, though these rickshaws are more environment-friendly options than traditional rickshaws, future of the transportation, and we need to start using them if we want to save our planet.

Also, these 3-wheeler rickshaws are also even cheaper to operate than cars or motorcycles. They require no fuel and batteries can be charged using solar power or other renewable energy sources.

If you are looking to buy an E-rickshaw, you can find them on our official website Arzooevehicles.com or can visit our manufacturing plant located at 35.8 mile stone, GTK road, village- Rasoi, Dist.- Sonipat, Haryana- 130129.

As you guys already know, electric vehicles are the future and people are looking for an authentic company like a govt. approved E-rickshaw company, and here we are. We can proudly say about our modernization and stylish product. Keeping nature in mind is always been a priority for us. We offer a wide range of models with different specifications and are able to fulfill all the requirements and expectations of our valued customers.

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